5 Best Miniproxy Alternatives and Similar Programs

Sometimes, you may not be able to use miniproxy because of various reasons. It can be because of slower internet speed, insecure connection, or many others. I was also facing the same issue a few months back and had to use it quickly for my work.

So, I searched for Miniproxy alternatives and gave them a try. Surprisingly, I found a few perfect alternatives for miniproxy in my research. I have discussed them here with a brief overview of why I picked them over 100s of other mini proxy alternatives available on the internet.

When You Should Use Miniproxy Alternatives?

There can be multiple reasons as per your requirements and work. But the most common among all is you may not be able to access a mini proxy on your device. It might be possible that your connection is interrupted making it difficult for mini proxy to work seamlessly.

Along with this, you may also need an alternative to miniproxy for having an all-in-one package. Being its user, you must be aware of its different versions like miniproxy for schoolminiproxy for YouTube, and many others.

It makes browsing hard if your work doesn’t belong to a single dimension/field. In turn, you need to pick the best miniproxy alternatives to use them in such conditions. You can also read why you should use miniproxy and related networks.

5 Best Miniproxy Alternatives

For your surety, I have discussed some reasons why you need an alternative to miniproxy for smooth internet browsing. Here I am going to show you a brief overview of every single alternative to let you pick the right one according to your requirements.


According to my research, I have found Tinyproxy the best miniproxy alternative. This network has helped me a lot in bypassing the settings of any website. The best thing about this network is its lightweight which makes it suitable for fast processing.

Additionally, it doesn’t take much space from your system. In simple words, you can download Tinyproxy and use it seamlessly. The only problem I have found in this proxy network is its compatibility with the operating system. Like Miniproxy VPN, you won’t be able to use it on any device but your device must have a POSIX operating system to run this network.


It is mainly used for blocking ads on any webpage. I was also using AdGuard just to block irritating ads from websites and YouTube. But, I was surprised to see that it also offers proxy networks to its users. So, I decided to give it a try as I was already familiar with it and found it useful.

Using this proxy network, you can easily block popup ads and seamlessly cross the boundaries of any website. Normally, proxy networks ask you to close the ad blockers for smooth working which leads you to an irritating experience. But AdGuard won’t let you go down in this regard because of its ad-blocking feature. The only problem is you will have access to its proxy network only when you are a paid user.

Squid Proxy

If you are looking for a full proxy network with basic to advanced features, you should try Squid Proxy. Undoubtedly, I have found it perfect for many purposes like fast browsing, device compatibility, etc. You can use it on any device regardless of the specification of the operating system.

Additionally, it is much lighter than other miniproxy alternatives. It makes this network suitable for smooth browsing on any device. You can download and use it without facing any problems like slow processing of the computer. The only drawback of this network is the older version proxy. It makes this network incompatible with many new devices and lets the users face issues.

Varnish Proxy Network

It isn’t compulsory that you are unable to access a website because of regional or related restrictions. But it might be possible that the site is using heavy design making it inaccessible for slow internet users. To deal with such conditions, I have found the Varnish proxy network perfect.

This miniproxy alternative can reverse the caching process to make the site accessible by lowering its size. In turn, you will be able to get a display of the website and get your concerned information. The only drawback is that it enables you to access sites with heavy structure but not bypass the settings like other proxy networks.

Acrylic DNS Proxy

If you are a dedicated Windows user and looking to improve your system’s performance, you need an Acrylic DNS Proxy network. It has been designed with this setting and lets your system automatically respond to different proxy and cache settings.

You won’t need to turn it on manually every time you are using it. But you only have to download and install it for smooth browsing on the internet. I would recommend using it if you are facing site-blocking issues multiple times. But the problem is its compatibility with Windows only making it not suitable for MAC users like Miniproxy for MAC.

Final Verdict

By reading the above blog, you have learned about miniproxy alternatives. I have checked all these alternatives and found them better than others. So, I recommend using any of these mini proxy alternatives as per your requirements instead of struggling with miniproxy processing.

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