How to Turn off Proxy in Opera Mini? Step-by-Step Guide

Using a proxy network is a must-have task if you want to browse the search engine without hurdles. Many people use miniproxy as this network is useful for everyone in all circumstances. But the problem comes when you don’t want to use this network and rely on the built-in option of the search engine.

In such cases, your computer’s proxy network may conflict with the browser’s built-in network and make it irritating by stopping the site’s access. I was also facing the same issue while browsing Opera Mini for my search. Then, I learned how to turn off proxy in Opera Mini to avoid this complication.

So, I decided to share the steps that I have followed to turn off this proxy network in this specific browser. By reading this blog, you will learn what exactly a proxy is for a computer network and how to turn it off for Opera mini browser.

What Does Proxy Mean in Computers?

First of all, try to understand that a proxy isn’t like a miniproxy VPN or any other VPN network. But it is a built-in feature of a computer that works as a mediocre between the computer and the internet. I must say that proxy is the main reason why a website isn’t accessible for your network.

Whenever you search for something, your computer’s proxy settings will filter that search and check if it goes against the terms of your system’s location. If it goes, you won’t be able to access the site or platform.

If it doesn’t go against the rules, you won’t get a single problem while browsing it. That is where it becomes important to learn how to turn off proxy in Opera Mini. So, I recommend following the upcoming methods to turn off this setting from your system and seamlessly browse the internet.

How to Turn off Proxy in Opera Mini?

It is right to say that turning off the proxy in Opera Mini is a complicated process as you have to deal with the browser’s settings and the computer’s settings at the same time. But this isn’t a task that we can say is impossible for beginners.

By following these simple steps, you can easily turn off the proxy network setting in Opera Mini. Doesn’t matter whether you are a proficient expert in the field or a beginner, you can easily accomplish this task. Let me show you how to do so on your different devices.

How to Turn off Proxy in Opera Mini on Android?

Unfortunately, android devices don’t offer extensive access to options to turn off the proxy in Opera Mini. You may not be able to find the options to complete the task. The only way is to follow a few guidelines and try to implement on them.

Here I have found a few impactful and effective tips for turn off proxy in Opera Mini on android:

  • You should uninstall any third-party VPN application.
  • It is good to keep your device out of power-saving mode.
  • You can try factory resetting your android device if you are facing proxy issues.
  • Try to change your location to resolve the problem.

With these simple guidelines, you can easily resolve the issues related to Opera mini proxy settings. Keep in mind that it will help you browse any site instead of looking for different proxy networks like miniproxy for schoolminiproxy for YouTube, or Mac miniproxy server.

How to Turn off Proxy in Opera Mini On the Computer?

If you are working on your computer/laptop, you are a lucky person as you can learn how to turn off proxy in Opera Mini on your computer. Here are the steps that I must say you should follow:

Step 1. Open Opera Mini on your device

Open Opera Mini on your device

Step 2. Click on the “Menu” option and then choose “Settings


Step 3. From the list of options, choose “Browsers” and look for Network


Step 4. Tap on the “Change proxy settings” and then go to “Connections” from the pop-up box

Change proxy settings

Step 5. Go to “LAN Settings” and then the “Advanced” tab

LAN Settings

Step 6. Check the box labeled “Use the same proxy server for all protocols” and “Save” the settings

Use the same proxy server for all protocols

With this, you will be able to turn off proxy in Opera Mini and start browsing the internet seamlessly. The browser will not get indications from the computer’s proxy network. In turn, you can seamlessly access any website like mine from the internet.


I have shared my experience that I have followed the steps to turn off Opera mini proxy settings. I hope you have learned how to turn off proxy in Opera Mini. You can easily get rid of this type of setting from this browser.

If you are unable to do so, you can contact the customer support of Opera. But if nothing has worked for you, try using miniproxy unblocked instead of this built-in proxy network.

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